Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cinco Nuevos Misionaros

Look who is waving at us! From the moment of their first recognition of us through the window we knew we had a great group. Look at the enthusiastic wave from Elder Leon. We received 5 new missionaries, all from Spain. We were so excited to get them.
Pictured here is Elder Leon who lives in the same ward of another missionary in the mission, Elder Castallon. His warm greeting and great smile made him a match for our mission.
With Elder Ashby on the left is pictured Elders Sanchez and Araya. Such fine men who are so anxious and ready to be full time missionaries. It is so wonderful to get these Elders and Sisters. Most of them are second generation members and it is wonderful to see the strength they have and their willingness to serve.
Looks like Elder Sanchez got in the picture with our two wonderful Hermanas, Hna Sandoval on the left with Hna Moraza next to Elder Sanchez. That is our faithful auydante Elder Moore, helping with the luggage. They were so excited to be here and it was going to be a good day of speaking spanish correctly!!(well I would do my best but even the auydantes got corrected. We love it.)
Nothing like finishing a big medio dia meal after a morning of training. We feed them an American lunch with a roast and mashed potatoes and steamed zucchini with a little cheese on top. They all seemed to love it. The carrot cake was a great way to end. The training went great. Especially when they practiced street contacting. These missionaries came up with the best questions and ideas. We know we have been blessed with some of the finest that Spain has to offer. They were filled with so many questions and insights. They are going to impact the mission.
Taking the group to the look-out spot has become a favorite moment of the "show." None of them had visited Bilbao, so this was all new to them. They loved it and loved to take lots of pictures.
But we can't leave without the Presidente giving them the charge that this is the time of their mission. They are ready and eager to get to the office to find out where they will be going. There were some wonderful tender mercies demonstrated as they were assigned.
Elder Ashby is showing them a picture of one of the trainers. Who is going to get Elder Probst to be their trainer?
Why Elder Shanchez is the lucky one. He is going to Gijon and is a wonderful match for Elder Probst. Also, Elder Araya, the missionary on the left is also going to Gijon to be with Elder Flory. He was so excited to go to Gijon because his mother has a reference of a family that wants to hear about the gospel who live in Gijon. Wow, how did the Presidente know about that when he made the assignment? Such a sweet moment for all.
Wait a minute, this isn't a new Elder? No, this is Elder Nelson, he is going to be a trainer in Sestao. He is anxious to see which Elder will be his companion. Elder Nelson is a great Elder and will make a super trainer.
It is Elder Leon. They were greeting each other with a hug. How exciting to have his trainer here. They would shortly leave the mission office and go by the subway to their piso. Great place to start a mission and a great match we think.
Hermana Moraza is going to Burgos, a city where her mother served on her mission. Won't her mother be excited to hear that news. Hna Sandoval is going to A Coruna to be with Hna Calderon. Hna Calderon's parents were with Hna Sandavol in the temple in Madrid when she first went through for her own endowments. She was so excited to be trained by their daughter. Sweet tender mercies experienced this day in the assigning of these beautiful missionaries. We are so blessed to have them in our mission and to work with them in their homeland. Their beautiful faces reflect all that is good in the youth today in Spain. Buenas Suerte en su mision!

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