Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Not So "Wicked" Show?

The day before the arriving missionaries come, there is a lot of preparation going on. Because these arriving missionaries were coming near Halloween, Elder Strickland nicked-named it the "Wicked Show" Then he felt bad but we thought he was being cleaver. There isn't too much Halloween in Spain, so it reminded us of the time of year. Here Elders Ashby and Moore are coming to my car bringing an empanada de bacalao for the snack tomorrow. (Thanks Diane for the help on the spelling) These two are great at helping with anything, thanks Elders.
The next day we are at the airport, but is this a new ayudante? I don't think after 3 weeks in the mission Elder Leon would be an auydante. He is a great Elder, but actually, he had to have some follow up tests done and spent the night at the mission home. He spent the evening talking to me while I was working getting food and things ready for today. He is a native Spaniard and if I could have him with me constantly for a month my Spanish would be soooo much better. Muchas Gracias Elder Leon. He will be returning to his area after we take the new missionaries to the mission home. All is well with him.
The plane was 10 minutes late so Elder Ashby and El Presidente had a little time to chat and chill.
They have arrived! 5 wonderful missionaries looking through the glass. They are so excited and so are we.
Elder Leon took our picture, what a good looking group. Ready to be orientated and getting to work.
They probably won't remember much of what was taught to them today, but hopefully they will remember the food. Navajo Taco's and Brownies were on the menu. Here are Elders Howard and Ryser, both from Salt Lake. Great looking Elders with great language skills and lots of enthusiasm.
We are so excited to get 3 new Hermanas. They are from l. to r., Hnas Huntsman, Roerig and Sieverts. Super Hermanas with wonderful personalities to match their beauty.
Up at the vista, an absolutely gorgeous day to see Bilbao and to start a mission. These 5 were so excited and incredible teachers. They were fantastic through out the morning. We are getting some of the best missionaries the church has to offer, we are sure.
When the Presidente reads to them from the scriptures they are ready to go out and baptized everyone. The day of their mission is now!
Elder Ashby is explaining something to the Hermanas, while we all enjoyed the crisp fall air. It is so beautiful in Spain right now.
Elder Ryser with the Presidente. He is going to be great, he is an Olympus Titan. YEA!!! (That's my high school too, he was trying to remember me, but I had to remind him he was in heaven when I was there)
Over to the office to get the low down from Elder Strickland.
Elder Moore is announcing the trainers. Oh notice Elder Anderson on the right. He had to play a little "Trick" on the greenies. He is from Mississippi, but he doesn't have a southern drawl. He decided to put it on for the show. We all had a great time listening to him. He does a right good job of it. We all tried to keep a straight face, but at times, it was hard. Finally he told them that wasn't his true voice, it was a little bit of fun to ease any nervousness of the missionaries.
The Hermanas were enjoying the action. They all had their assignments now, so they could relax.
Look mom, this is my trainer. We so wish we could bring in the trainers, but it just doesn't happen here. Tomorrow Elder Ryser has to travel 9 hours to get to his city, but don't worry mom, there are other Elders moving and he has a missionary with him all the way. And no, Elder Moore did not grow a foot, he is just on top of a chair as to not miss being seen in the picture.
Time to get out of the office and on to their assignments. Hauling the suitcases and loading the van, all in a days work of the show.
Hermanas Huntsman and Roerig are ready to leave. We love our new missionaries, and they are ready to go to work.


  1. Thank you SO much for this blog. We feel like we're right there with our missionary!

  2. Sister Clegg, the spelling is bacalao otherwise known as dried cod

    Diane in San Sebastian

  3. Elder Howard introduced himself in the Sacrament opening this morning. He was a little nervous but did just fine, his message was very short but to the point. We will take good care of him so don't worry Sister Howard.

    Diane in a warm rainy San Sebastian

  4. Reading and seeing the blog pictures and commentary, I can just feel the excitement and enthusiasm of the new missionaries and all the mission office elders and the Cleggs. How blessed are we to have this wonderful missionary program through the restored gospel?!? Just Love it!!!!