Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nothing Like Family

What a great day to have a visit from our two oldest daughters, Hillary Christiansen on the far left and Nicole Ashton next to her. They planned a whirlwind trip to see Spain in 10 days, leaving only 2 1/2 days with us. It was a great time between babies to come with their husbands to see us. Thanks to the Watkins in Madrid and to the Hinckleys in Barcelona who aided our kids on their stay here.
We took them to our favorite spot in the Pyrenees Mountains, a little town called Berastegi, which is totally Basque. The day was perfect to see the mountains peeks and to enjoy the scenery.
Here they are enjoying the visit above the town. Hillary's husband, Rob is joining Rick and the girls on the little wall. You can see about 10-12 different mountain peeks from here.
Nikki and her husband Matt pose in front of a quaint home in the town. Matt just finished his Emergency Room Residency the week we left for the mission and is now a "real" doctor. They enjoyed taking a little time away from the all night shifts and 3 kids left at home to spend some time together.
These are really the mailboxes of the town. No kidding. They are everywhere in the Basque countryside. There was mail in the little individual doors. Some places in the world are still like they have been for years.
The coast line of the Basque country side is picturesque and fun to see. We wanted to take the kids to see the small towns with their unique charm.
Hillary and Rob and posed in front of the harbor of Bermeo. Rob is our creative genius who is always helping all of us with our computer problems or any problem for that matter. He and Hillary are the 1st born of their families and so these two take care of us. They left their darling Jack home and are expecting at the end of December another little boy. We are glad the doctor gave her permission to come.
We spent the morning in Santillana where the rain stopped just as we got there. We found ourselves enjoying the scenery but more so just enjoying being together.
We had to take a picture at the front of the mission home before they left. Oh way to soon.
Thanks to Hillary, Rob, Matt and Nikki for taking the time to come and see us. It did our hearts good to catch up about home firsthand. We do miss our children and grandchildren and so it was hard to say good-bye again. Luckily for us we had to go directly to the office after we tearfully left them at the airport. No time to feel sad, there is always work to be done in the mission. But a well enjoyed touch of home. Nos Vemos!

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  1. What a wonderful treat for you and Presidente!!! There's nothing better than spending time with our kids. With your big family and friends, I'm sure you will have lots of visits throughout your time in Spain. You already have! Also, it doesn't hurt that Spain is such a great travel destination. :)
    I can't wait until Doug and I can come and see northern Spain, with or without Elder Moore!!