Friday, October 23, 2009

Daily Happenings in Bilbao

Hola Hna Belnap. You are busy working away on updating our mission cookbook and in walk two good-looking Elders. They seem to make her smile.
You would smile too if you saw these two great Elders. On the left is Elder Leon from Alicante, Spain who is one of the newest Elders in the mission having arrived just 3 weeks ago. On the right is his Trainer, Elder Nelson from Arlington, Va. They are preparing for their second baptism in two weeks. They are excited and so are we.
That next night in Bilbao was a wonderful baptism of Jose Alfredo. He was baptized by Elder Nelson and it was a sweet experience. The ward in Bilbao truly embraced him and there were many there to support him You see pictured our wonderful Bilbao Elders from l. to r., Elder Gordon, Elder Alvarez, Elder Rowley, Pres. Clegg, Jose Alfredo, Elder Nelson, Elder Leon and Elder Castellon. Elders Leon and Castellon are from the same ward in southern Spain.
Pres Clegg chastised Jose Alfredo for not smiling in the last picture so he made us take another one. You can't not smile in a picture with the Presidente!
Hna's Garcia and Fitches are at the baptism to support the Elders. Hna Garcia goes home in one week and we are all so sad. Hna Fitches has just arrived in Bilbao to take Hna Garcia's place. Two wonderful sisters who work very hard, I know because I have been out with both of them Such a great joy.
I just couldn't resist taking a picture of the twins in the office? Well, actually Elder Anderson on the left is a twin with his brother serving in the Philippines but Elder Strickland is just his twin in the work. We had just finished a great medio dia prepared by Elders Ashby and Moore.
You'll have to look closely at Elder Ashby's shirt. He isn't too happy. He kept his tie clean, but splattered big time on his shirt. These Elders sometimes are just big boys in suites and ties.
The office crew, working hard and enjoying each other. They are great Elders as are all of the Spain, Bilbao Elders and Hermanas are. We do love them and pray for them every day. The work here is great but it is work and all these wonderful young people need our prayers daily.

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  1. What a happy looking group!!! Glad the Presidente "encouraged" the Elder to do another smiling picture :) It must be wonderful to have the Belnaps as your second lieutenants. Understand you're getting ramped up for a special visitor. Hope Elder Moore can get the church open this time before the GA gets there. Haha. The breakfast burritos look and sound delicious. Thanks for keeping those boys full of special meals.

    What a great idea to bring the family quilts with you. Great visual for wonderful teaching of gospel principles. It never hurts to provide a fun apple treat too. What a great blessing you are to the mission and the people of Spain. Just as you are extending your love for them, they must feel so happy to have such an engaged Mission Hermana in their midst. Good Job!!