Friday, June 11, 2010

Santander is Delicious!

We really aren't eating Santander, just eating in Santander. We attended church and then were so graciously invited by Hna Ofelia and her wonderful family. They decided it would be better to eat at the church after the meetings since her husband, Bishop Salgado is busy and this would be easier for all. It would be less time so the missionaries could keep their afternoon schedule. Chicken with mole sauce and rice, just to start.
We are all ready to start the feast.
Elder Griotti says, bring it on!!
After we downed the chicken and then had a second course of chicken enchiladas, it was time to surprise Elder Ryser with a birthday cake as today, June 6th, was his birthday.
Ghee Elder Ryser, you only have one candle and you can't blow it out? Sergio was making him laugh. It was fun to be able to celebrate with him.
Sergio is trying to show off his physique, but I think he is just really full after the delicious meal.
We wanted a photo with the entire family that is in Spain. Sergio and his beautiful wife Rosa, Lenora, Denise, Ofelia and Bishop Salgado! What an incredible family. We love them and will miss them so much.
And the day wouldn't be complete without a picture with our dear missionaries. Elders Ryser, Griotti and Hadley, as well as Hermanas Johns and Roerig. The day was complete and we left in great spirits. This next week is the week of our last zone conference and we are all getting very excited for it.


  1. Dear wonderful Cleggs, Thank you for your blog! And thanks for giving Elder Ryser a fun birthday. Btw, his birthday package was returned to Utah today so no worries. Good luck in your new adventures - tell your missionaries how lucky they are to have you as their leaders! Rysers

  2. i submitted an inquiry to rent a house in hawaii, and someone responded with this link to this blog stating that he and his family was doing missionary work and he was renting out his house while they were gone, i wanted to make sure of that was legit. if not, i wanted to inform you that he/she is using your blog as a way to scam people. Thank you.