Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Last Consejo!

The last of everything and of course this is our last Consejo. It is always a wonderful day and this one was no different.
I took these pictures just before we started. We always have about 15 minutes before to sit and read and ponder and get ready for the meeting to start. It helps with the spirit of the meeting and helps us all to focus better.
Elder Roldan is contemplating his zone focus. He is such an outstanding Zone Leader and missionary. We look forward to seeing him after his mission down south as his home is near Sevilla which is in our new mission.
Elder Southwick is making a point about something! He is the new kid on the block, having just been transfered to Vitoria as a new Zone Leader. His enthusiasm is wonderful. We all love Elder Southwick!
Elder Dredge just looks content. He is having all the mixed feelings of the mission closing and his time to go home which is soon. He will be going on a special assignment to Madrid to help facilitate the change. We will be sending him off next week. Oh how we will miss him. He is an incredible missionary who has loved every minute of his mission.
Elder Holmes is hearing something from Elder Cairns. These are two hard working Elders. Elder Cairns has lead the Leon Zone to greatness and Elder Holmes has kept us all together. He is incredible in the office in so many ways.
I don't know what has frightened Elder Cairns. Elder Hansen seems to know. Elder Hansen is also one of the office Elders who has been so wonderful. We don't know how we would do all that is needed to be done without his happy, organized and calm style.
Elder Nelson gives us a thumbs up after the Consejo. ELder Gerber isn't smiling, but I think he enjoyed it. Elder Southwick, Roldan, McClanahan and Aston all felt like this was a great council with lots of challenges and work to do in keeping all the mission calm and happy during the change that is to come.
We had such a wonderful day that we again took our picture outside. Elder Plaskett, back row on the left, had a treat as a greenie to be able to attend with his companion, Elder Woods. We enjoyed the day and felt inspired by the work that the mission is doing and by the doctrine taught to us by Presidente.

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  1. As I read your blog, I can't help but to notice Elder Southwick. I served with an Elder Southwick in the Bilbao Mission in you know if there is any relation? Thanks for your great documentation of the mission, it really brings the memories flooding back.

    Jason Spendlove 1991-1993