Monday, June 28, 2010

The Field is White Already to Harvest

Here we are, one year exactly to the day that we arrived in Germany to be oriented by the Area Presidency. We stayed the night and then the next morning, June 30th, 2009, we landed in Bilbao, Spain. At that time we had no idea we would only be here for one year, but boy what a year it has been. We loved the green mountains, the quaint and colorful houses and the beautiful ocean shores. But mostly we fell in love with all the wonderful members and our dear missionaries. You have all made our time here a heaven on earth.
So what more can we say than we love you and will miss you all! You welcomed us and showed us the best that Spain has to offer. As our final blog post we felt like showing a few pictures of the wonderful new members who were baptized during the year we were here. We don't have a picture of all 191 of them, but the ones pictured are a great representation of all of them. We have chosen not to put their names but rather just enjoy the many faces of some of the newest members of the true church.

We leave with a greater appreciation for the love the Lord has for all his children. Our parting words upon leaving are....


  1. We love you, President and Hermana Clegg! Your blog has been a tremendous way for us to connect with our daughter. We appreciate all the time and work you gave to the missionaries and members there. We’re going to miss your blog – and both of you. May the Lord’s choicest blessings go with you to Málaga! Sincerely, Douglas and Martha Patten

  2. Do you guys have a house for rent in Pennsylvania?

  3. Ditto what drpatten wrote. We love you too and appreciate your selfless service! Katy and Rand Ryser

  4. Wow --this was a long time ago. I can't see a way to contact you in Malaga, so I'm hoping you still get updates from here. We're a family from Utah looking to move somewhere in the south of Spain for a few months (my husband telecommutes)and are wondering where a good area to locate is in the south there. Do you have anyone willing (with extra time!) to send information about this? thanks, Amara