Monday, June 28, 2010

Final Missionary Day in Leon

The kids are packed in the car, ready to go to Leon. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive that we were making to attend a testimony meeting with the Leon District. This wonderful group of young adults were having a missionary day to work with all the missionaries serving in the Leon Zone. We had the ipods going for the kids and general conference cd's playing in the car. It was a great ride down.
Upon arriving I was so happy to see my dear friend Marisa. She is getting married to a wonderful man, Alberto, in the Madrid Temple in July. She and I became instant friends the day we met. I love her dearly and am so delighted for her to be getting married. You will have to look for Alberto in the group pictures. He is standing by Marisa. They were there working on this Saturday along side almost 50 young adults. The miracles of Leon are continuing.
This was the group picture taken before we arrived. They were ready to get out and start the day of contacting in the city of Leon. They contacted all morning and then met back at the church for lunch and a testimony meeting. Many references were giving to the full time missionaries at the end of the morning work.

Our dear District President, Presidente Martinez is a man with a vision and we are sure that one day this district will be a Stake. He is so inspirational and enthusiastic. We have loved working with him and pray that the current trend will continue. We have no reason to think it won't.
Presidente Aguado is another wonderful man who is so dedicated to the growth of the church in Spain. His beautiful wife Rosa is also a dear friend and we have grown to love them as family. Presidente Aquado is the 2nd counselor in the District Presidency and does a super job at organizing these activities and growing the enthusiasm for the work in Spain.
We want so much to send our love to all of you out there who have been watching our mission through this blog. We have loved being a part of the Spain-Bilbao Mission and spending our last Saturday in the north in a missionary activity was just the right way to end it.
Hermana Marin is standing in front of the sign that you have seen throughout this post. It has listed the dates of this mission and how many years, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds that have been devoted to missionary work here. It was very special to see.
We took one more final picture at the end to help us remember all the joy that we have received in serving here. We experienced a wonderful testimony meeting filled with expressions of love for missionary work. We know that the church will continue to grow in Northern Spain. We leave Leon feeling blessed to be a part of this experience.

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