Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dedicated Dozen

We usually don't see missionaries on the floor with skateboards but Elder Ciccio was entertaining the kids in the office. He was so fun with them, they found a new missionary to take home. This time I said yes, for a day.
Elder Holmes, Blazian, and Anderson were reminiscing on two years of being a missionary.
Elder Frank, Hermana Bell and Elder Ciccio were getting food prepared by Hna Belnap on Tuesday. This would normally be Wednesday, but since the office was being packed up on Wednesday, the Presidente did most of his interviews this day, and then for the afternoon, the missionaries went out and worked throughout Las Arenas and Bilbao.
Elder Ciccio was dead on in tossing the marker into Elder Blazian's shirt pocket. The proof is in the pocket.
Elder Castellon is trying to hide. He has been such a great missionary. He has touched people that no one else could. We will miss him but look forward to seeing him at home since the Elche Stake will be part of the Malaga Mission now.
While the missionaries worked, the grandkids went to the beach. Water is universal and all kids love to be by the water.
Ellie loved the exercise equipment around Las Arenas. She is keeping fit during the trip.
She and Jack are swinging side to side. They had a great afternoon.
Don't you just want to squeeze this boy. Our Cam is a delight to have around.
Wednesday brought the moving men. I just couldn't believe it when I saw it. They packed the office first and on Thursday they did the house. Very efficient workers and pleasant too. But these days were just solid reminders that this is for real.
Here they are taking down the secretary's office.
What happened to my office? Everything is gone. What great days we had in this office, but alas, the time is here.
We were all meeting in the office at 1:00 for lunch and then going to the lookout. Presidente doesn't know if he likes all this commotion in his office.
They are taking down the sign!
We are all sad, so what shall we do? Go to Lunch!
We took the entire group of 12 missionaries to the food court to eat their last Donner Kabob! It was a beautiful day and so we enjoyed our lunch by the pier.
Elder Frank, I don't think those glasses are going to cut it at home.
Elder Castellon, used flowers won't be right for your finance.
Elder Blazian is striking his GQ pose for Bilbao. Hmm, wonder what his thoughts are?
Quite an impressive group. There is a lot of missionary strength represented here. We love every one and every one made a difference here in Spain.
I think I see a future Hermana. Ellie loved being with the sister missionaries. They are great role models for young girls.
Elder Ciccio and Presidente are comparing their bald spots.
One last handstand for the mission.
This is such a great looking group. We have 4 office Elders in this group. Elder Flory, Elder Anderson and currently Elder Holmes and Hansen.
Can't resist the playground.
Home to the mission home where we started preparing for the last dinner.

Jack was having a great time playing and entertaining the missionaries. Elder McClanahan seems to be enjoying him.
Don't give a missionary down time, he will sleep!
Looks like our little soccer player is getting a gooooooooooool on Elder Ciccio.
We decided to have a picnic on this beautiful day. We invited the Belnaps to come as they are moving to Barcelona next week.
We had a wonderful testimony meeting together. The is the last group to go home from the Spain Bilbao Mission.
Presidente's brothers in the gospel.
This is the closing of a wonderful era. The Bilbao Airport will only see two more missionaries leaving; us. Wow, this was a special moment to see so many valiant servants together for one last time. Vaya con Dios! We love you with all our hearts.

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