Friday, June 25, 2010

Look Who Came to Spain!

Amidst all that was going on in the mission more than 5 months ago our oldest daughter Hillary decided to come with her new baby Cameron and her 3 year old son, Jack. She also brought along our oldest granddaughter, Ellie. We were so excited to have them come. The plans were made before the news of the consolidation of the mission. Fortunately she is going home the same day we are leaving. They arrived Saturday afternoon and a few hours later we were at a baptism in Bilbao.
Ellie and Jack weren't too sure about all the Spanish being spoken. Culture shock is real when you are 3 and 9. But they are so cute aren't they!
Elder Gerber and Roldan were having this baptism of a young boy. It was fun to be able to take our family to be part of the service.
We hugged our dear Hermanas and said good-bye to them, especially Hermana Sandoval who was moving to Vigo. She needed to be in the Madrid Mission before the mission was divided. 3 great Hermanas whom we love so much.
The next day we went to Vitoria for a Young Single Adult Conference. The chapel was filled and the spirit was wonderful. Pres. and Sister Moore who is the Temple President and Matron of the Madrid temple came up to be with us and speak. They are such wonderful people. I am just sad I didn't get a picture of them. We are pictured here with Pres. DeMolino and his wife and youngest son. He is a counselor in the Stake Presidency. We are looking forward to being with their son who is a missionary currently in Malaga. We had a sacrament meeting and lunch and then a fireside afterwards. It was a wonderful day.
During lunch Elder Southwick was to be found outside playing soccer with Ellie and Jack and two other little boys. Our grandkids loved it. They asked if they could take Elder Southwick home. The answer, even though we wanted to too.
It was still a little chilly after a few weeks of rain. Ellie and Jack loved climbing on the soccer goals in the backyard of the church.
At the end of the day we said our good-byes to these wonderful missionaries in Vitoria. Elders Nelson, Southwick and McClanahan and Hermanas Stosich, Bell and Gonzales.
Back home that night at the mission home we were having fun on the bed. It is so much fun to have little feet running around the mission home. Something we have truly missed.
The next day, Monday I took a p-day with the kids while Presidente was interviewing missionaries. The kids loved the Puppy at the Guggenheim.
The silver balls were a hit also.
But the best part of all was the park. The building behind them is almost complete on the outside. It wasn't even a third of the way up when we came last year. It has been fun watching it grow. The kids loved this park and we promised to bring them back.
Hey Jack hold on to Grandma.
Not bad having the Guggenheim for your backdrop is it.
All Jack could say was "I love it here in Spain." We had a great day and plan to have a few more. But for the next few days we will be sending 12 missionaries home so now it is back to work for Grandma.

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