Saturday, March 27, 2010

Treats and Members

We were surprised a few weeks ago in the office with a package from the States. We opened it to find a nice box of Sees Chocolates. Elder Nelson's mom was so kind to send them to us. What a treat! I am sharing them with Elder Hansen because even though they are delicious, I certainly can't afford to eat the whole box.
The ayudantes were happy to help in the eating of such a treat. Thanks Sister Nelson, you made our day!
Another day Elders Holmes and Hansen were helping the Presidente get the papers needed to sign up for the drivers test in Spain. This is a huge and costly test that they require all Americans to take. It is not fun, but we have to do it. We had to go to Mungia to get the papers. Notice the statue of the Basque farmer behind them. We are in the heart of Basque Country. It is a wonderful, charming culture.
For a weekend the Presidente and I had to drive out to Galicia to sign recommends for members who were going to the temple and also for those who were receiving patriarchal blessings. The wonderful Sanchez family in Lugo is going to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. What a wonderful family! Elders McClanahan and Corbridge were in Lugo for the weekend as there were finding some investigators to teach.
Vigo was another stop on the weekend of interviews. This wonderful young woman, Maryanna was having an interview to get ready to serve a mission. What a wonderful young woman. She is pictured here with Presidentes Clegg and Presidente Fraguas who is the new Branch Presidente in Vigo.
The next weekend in the Vitoria Stake, the Stake Relief Society came together to celebrate the Relief Society birthday. It was so well attended and we spent a wonderful night together.
We took these pictures after the meeting was over, just before the delicious food. I had the honor to share my quilts and talk about being unified in the gospel. The women of the church all over the world are so incredible. These wonderful Spanish saints are special. A night to remember.
This is the young, Dolores Romero. She is one of the pioneer members in Bilbao. She actually joined the church in Argentina but came with her husband to Spain. Her husband passed away in June of 2009, just before we came to Spain. She is adorable and the evening wouldn't have been complete without her!
We spent the next Sunday in Benavente and here we are pictured with the Colinas family. They are the anchor of the church in Benavente. Bro Colinas has been the Branch Presidente for years. His wonderful wife, Ana was the Stake Relief Society Presidenta for 12 years. They had us over for lunch after church. The little branch is growing. They have had two baptisms with a few more baptismal fetches on the way. This is a pioneer family to honor for all they do for the church in Spain. They are a great help to the missionaries. Serving there now are Elders Smith and Farnsworth, two great, hardworking Elders.

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  1. You certainly are welcome for the treats! I just thought a little token of appreciation from the states was in order! It was fun reading about all the good work the members are doing and how they are progressing. Temple Recommends, Patriarchal Blessings,Baptisms, The Releif Society Birthday, etc; sounds like Spain is the happening place that the Lord is spreading his gospel. Thanks for your diligent service. Think of all the generations that will have the gospel thanks to your and your missionaries efforts!