Monday, March 15, 2010

Love in Leon

Yes, I know, you thought you were going to see the city of Leon. We arrived in Leon to go to church but came early in the afternoon on Saturday so the Ayudantes could do an exchange and we took the afternoon off to go see the surrounding areas. We had heard there were ski resorts in Spain but hadn't seen any yet. About 1 1/2 hours out of Leon we found this resort. It is called . The day was very overcast and the pictures aren't the best, but it was fun to see a ski resort.
This is one of the lifts at the base. There wasn't too much snow here. We are sure there are more lifts as you climb to the top. There were some beautiful peaks that couldn't be seen very well because of the clouds. But the parking lot was full of people coming off the lift, putting their skis and snowboards on their cars. It almost felt like home!
We had a wonderful day in church on Sunday. Presidente (Elder) Ciccio has a vision to see 60 people in church each Sunday. Usually there were between 12-25. On this Sunday we had 43 and the spirit was so strong. Here we have some of the wonderful faithful members of the Rama in Leon. Isabelle, Carmen, me, a sister who's name escapes me and Ortesia. Such wonderful women who provide a lot of stability to the Rama.
We are pictured with little Lucy. She presented the Presidente and I with some gifts. She gave the Presidente a tie tack and some cuff links and a stuffed animal and she gave me a beautiful bracelet and the stuffed bear you see. What a sweetheart.
Here is Lucy and her family. They look so good all coming to church.
Javi is one of the newer members of the Rama. He is a wonderful addition that can be counted on. He is a strong, tender spirit and we love seeing him each time we are in Leon.
Pictured here is Samuel and his sister Sheyla. They come faithfully every week. I definitely see a missionary from the Leon Rama in the future.
Carol and Christian are new converts and a great addition. We watched them receive their baptismal certificates and Christian was given the Priesthood. The Aaronic Priesthood Quorum is growing in Leon.
Geraldine is also a fairly recent convert. Elder Woods was in Leon doing an exchange with Elder Roldan when they contacted Geraldine. It was such a joy for him to see her here in full fellowship and adding so much to the Rama.
Julio is a wonderful member of the Leon Rama. He taught the investigator/new member class which had 21 people in it. He did a fantastic job. He is going home to Ecuador for 2 months to visit his family. Hopefully he can bring them all back with him. They would add so much to the Rama.
This is another new family to the Rama. Myriam, the daughter was baptized first and then their mother Camila and Fabian were baptized. Fabian received the priesthood today also. I definitely see a future missionary here.
This is the wonderful family that Elders Corbidge and Quinn contacted about 4 months ago. Pilar and her husband Vicente are wonderful people who are so close to the spirit. Their 3 sons Marlon, Darwin and Oscar are wonderful as well. The young men participate in the discussions and they are all ready to get baptized. They have a baptismal date for the end of March. I have been in their home with the missionaries and it is truly a wonderful place to be.
After church we were treated to lunch with the missionaries of Leon. We ate salmon, mashed potatoes and salad. Who said the missionaries can't cook. We left full in both body and spirit. What a wonderful sabbath day. L to R. Elders Ciccio, Cairns, Pres. y me, Elders Dredge, Strickland, Pederson and Woods.


  1. What wonderful pictures. It is good to see some of those members pictured. I am glad to see that they are doing well. You don't realize how much joy it brings to see that so many of the members that I worked with are still strong and active.

  2. Thanks so much for the photos of Leon chapel and the branch members. They are very dear to our hearts. I have been there many times with my wife and family over the past 22 years. My wife, Angeles Vidal Ericson, was the first missionary to leave from the Leon Branch. Carmen Isasi was an investigator one of the first years we went and she is a stalwart. Have a great 3 more months and if you get back to Leon, please let the members know that the Ericsons have them in our hearts.