Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movie Debut!

What do you do with two charming, good-looking, hard working Spaniard missionaries who are working in Bilbao?
Put them on the T.V. Yes, that is right. The Basque television station in Bilbao wanted to air a program during La Semana Santa, or Holy Week before Easter. They wanted to feature 5 other religions that weren't catholic. They are doing it on the Evangelicals, Scientology, the Orthodox, (We are not sure if that means Jew or Greek.) the Muslims and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! They wanted to follow two missionaries as they were contacting people. They also wanted to interview them and ask them all about what they do. We were so excited and wasn't it wonderful that Elder Roldan and Elder Cepeda were serving in Bilbao. They were hoping we had native Spanish missionaries and we were delighted to have these two do it. They also interviewed Pres. De Molino of the Stake Presidency to talk about the church in Spain and Bro. Inyake (oh so sorry if I misspelled your name) of the Bilbao Ward to talk about family history.
We took off from the Bilbao capilla and Presidente and I went along to watch!
They were incredible. The girl on the left was constantly asking questions and the two Elders answered with ease and fluidity. They wanted them to be walking slowly as they interviewed them.
They answered without hesitation and represented all of our missionaries in a wonderful way.
They walked like this for over 20-25 minutes, constantly asking questions and the Elders just calmly answered back. We know they were both nervous, but we knew they would do great!
They stopped to show them the scriptures as they talked about how we use the Bible and The Book of Mormon. The best part was when the woman asked them why there were here and Elder Cepeda told them they were here to invite everyone to come unto Christ and to be baptized by the proper authority. It was a very powerful moment and the Presidente and I were on the sidelines going "Yes, yes, yes." We felt like the proud parents we are!
It was early after medio-dia so there weren't too many people out, but the Elders walked up to this family and started talking to them. They did a wonderful job. The people also stayed calm and answered them. Afterwards the camera crew had to ask permission if they could use the footage on their show. They said yes. It was fun.
Presidente's smile says it all. This was a wonderful opportunity for thousands of people to get to know who we are. It will be broadcast two times during the week. I think the first time is 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 1st. If that isn't correct, I will change it on this post. They promised to send us a copy and it will definitely be the highlight of our next Zone Conference. These two Elders did an incredible job as we knew they would. Then, just like all missionaries do, they left and went out to work for the rest of the day. Bravo Elders! It is on April 1st, 11:30 p.m. on E.C.V., watch it!!!


  1. What a way to spread the gospel abroad! The Lord is sure at work helping the work to expand! How exciting!---Melody Nelson

  2. How come a get choked up and teary eyed whenever I read this blog? It's because this is the Lord's work, the Spirit is with the missionaries, and it's going forth in such a fantastic way. I can imagine how proud you were of "Your boys" as they responded with such grace and intelligence to the broadcaster. Great job!

  3. WOW! I'm impressed! I'd like to tell the members in Zaragoza so that they can watch it (and also the investigators!)
    Is it on ETB on Thursday?

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  5. The program was rescheduled to April 8th same time 11:30 channel ETB 2

  6. Queridos presidente y hermana Clegg,
    desde que recibi mi llamamiento de la mision para Bilbao no he dejado de entrar en su página y me encanta,hace una gran labor.

    Veronica Ruz
    Hermana Ruz en mayo :)