Tuesday, March 9, 2010

¡Consejo Magnifico!

Please pass the orange juice Elder Roldan! Elder Roldan from near Sevilla on the right and Elder Nestvogel on the left from Ottersburg, Germany are two of our 3 new Zone Leaders. Elder Nelson is welcoming them to the Consejo breakfast of juice and cinnamon rolls courtesy of Hna Belnap!
O.K. you Wallsburg Elders, what did you hear from that man from Scotland? Elders Nielsen and Flory hail from Wallsburg, Utah, heaven on earth, as well as our only man from across the pond, Elder Cairns.
Elder Pederson, from Hyde Park, Utah is our third new Zone Leader. He has many questions for Presidente and Elder Ashby.
Lunch was served and eaten. Asparagus Chicken with potatoes and salad and delicious carrot cake for desert.
Elder Holmes sure got a laugh out of something Presidente was sharing with the Elders.
Elder Flory looks like he has had enough. Time for the Presidente's lesson on Prayer. It was wonderful. It gave us all many things to ponder.
Wait a minute, weren't you doing this earlier Elder Pederson? You must have a lot of questions.
Two Cottonwood Heights boys, Elder Hanson and Elder Dredge with Elder Cairns. 2 hard working Zone Leaders and an ayudante.
Elders' Nestvogel, Roldan and Flory are looking good. Ponder this thought, when Elder Nestvogel was a teenager he spent 6 weeks in Bountiful with the Hess family. Their son had served a mission in Germany and knew the Nestvogel family. How do I know this? The Hess family is in our ward at home in Bountiful, Utah. Did we even remotely think back about 4 years ago that this young man from Germany would one day be serving with us in Bilbao, Spain. Not a chance! But we are so glad he is here.
A great looking group of Elders. They have much to do to serve their Zones. We love them and appreciate all they do. They are all part of the reason that this mission is doing so well. They are great examples of humble, hard working, bold missionaries who are inviting everyone to come unto Christ and be baptized.

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