Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally New Missionaries

It has been 4 months without getting any new missionaries and we were so excited to finally have some arrive. Oh, and they were worth the wait! Elder Bajana who is Ecuadorian from Madrid, Hna Marin who is from Castellon, Spain, and Hna Gonzales who is Bolivian from Madrid. What a special group!
We felt an instant bond with them. They were so excited and eager to get going. The excitement that new missionaries bring to the mission is great and it helps all of us re-commit to be better.
They are earnestly writing a letter to themselves to look at in 1 year.
After the orientation and lunch, it is off to the vista of Bilbao. It was a beautiful spring day in Bilbao, a lot of sun and a lot of wind!
It was so windy on the Bilbao side we also took a picture on the side where you can see Las Arenas in the background. What a sweet, special group.
We had to catch a picture of the 3 Nepites?!? Yes, 3 Aydantes, but only for another hour. Elder Ashby is going to be leaving with Elder Bajana to go to Pamplona. Elder Bajana doesn't know yet, so don't tell him. Elder Dredge and Elder Woods are ready for the task ahead, but we will miss Elder Ashby.
Elder Hansen and Elder Holmes go over the information that they need to know about money and traveling and mission stuff.
The moment they are all waiting for. Who will be your companion and where are you going?
Hna Marin was so cute. She was in the CCM with Hna Hildalgo from Gijon and all Hna Hildalgo could talk about was Gijon. She told Hna Marin, you have to pray to go to Gijon. Guess where she is going? Yep, Gijon! Then, Hna Marin knew a few of the missionaries in the mission and she loves Hna Abellan. Who is her trainer? Hna Abellan and Hna Roerig. They will be a trio for a while. Anyway, you can tell that Hna Marin was very happy.
Dear sweet Hna Gonzales was ecstatic about going to Santander and being trained by Hna Johns. She looks like she approves too.
The Ayudantes are just about to tell Elder Bajana that he is going to Pamplona with Elder Ashby but first things first. Elder Ashby has been working the Presidente for a long time and finally convinced him to swap a tie. I don't know, but I am glad that I like the one Presidente received or I would have put a stop to that!
Elder Bajana was stunned and excited to be going to Pamplona with Elder Ashby. Everything he guessed was wrong, it was kind of fun. He looks like a great Elder and Elder Ashby was so excited to go back in the field and work with him. All in all, the day was fun and the mission will be enriched by these new missionaries. It is such an honor to have them here and we are excited to be able to work with them, if only for a short time!


  1. Yeah! I am glad you have some new missionaries.

  2. Buenvenidos nuevo missionarios! (Correct my Spanish if I am wrong)!

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  4. Hooray - they look like true Bilbao missionaries!