Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Zone Conference Times 4

Wait a minute, who is asleep on the job? Getting ready for Zone Conferences can be exhausting, but we didn't work you that hard Elders Ashby and Dredge, did we?
Elder Belnap is getting the office in shape. Elders Dredge, Hansen, Ashby and Holmes are ready for action. There is a lot of preparation both from the teaching end and just getting all the supplies and mail ready to deliver to the missionaries. We have a great group who helps us a lot. Can't leave Hna Belnap out, but she is at home doing some last minute cooking. All is ready and off we go to Bilbao to start.
A great group of missionaries in the Bilbao Zone. We have the Traveling Trainers here because they are working with Elders Jackson and Cepeda in Bilbao this week. They were in Santander last week and it was a great success. Lot's of new investigators found and a huge boost for the area. At this table we have l. to r. Elders Corbridge, Jackson, Farnsworth, Hna's Misken, Stosich, Fitches and Johns. Great group!
Hna Sandoval is new to Bilbao, having come from A Coruna. She is next to Elders Cepeda and Griotti with Elder Dredge standing. The Belnaps are looking on. Hna Belnap got a haircut. She is looking great!
The other side of the room we have Elders Hansen, Holmes, Anderson, Moore, Woods and Hanson. Elders Woods and Hanson are the Zone Leaders and they presented a wonderful Zone focus on "Teaching with Unity." It was a very inspired focus and we can already see the results. This past week every companionship in the Bilbao Zone has a baptism date set. They are on fire!!!
We love all of our Hermanas. They work hard always and are so obedient and great examples to us and the Elders! We see you back there Elder Corbridge!
We have to take our group picture. We had a wonderful day in Bilbao. Presidente Clegg received a few calls from Germany on this day. Wednesday, January 27Th is a day that will be marked as a day of change in Spain for missionary work. We won't talk about it now, but stay tuned on the next post. Now, on to the Vigo Zone in Santiago.
We love the Santiago Zone, always a lively group and great discussions. Here we have Elder Frank with the Presidente. Ghee I wish I could hug the Elders!
Well I get to hug the sisters. Hna's Moraza, Sanchez, Patten and Calderon are pictured here. It was a beautiful day in Santiago both with sunshine and great spiritual uplift.
Elder McClanahan is giving us the peace sign. This is one fine Elder. Elder McClanahan is such a unassuming, kind and hard working missionary. We love you Elder McClanahan!
Great looking missionaries here. Elder Driggs always has a great smile. Hna's Moraza and Sanchez were companions in Burgos, but both were transferred to this Zone. One in Vigo and the other to A Coruna. We had to take the Hermanas out of Burgos, as our numbers are going down. We can always count on a great pose from Elder Roldan. He and Elder Oscanoa are working so hard in Ourense. The numbers have never been higher. Way to go Elders!
The Zone focus for the Vigo Zone is working with members to get references. It was done very well by Elders Nelson and Nielsen. Yah, that is a little confusing for the Spaniards to tell the difference between their names. Two great missionaries who care a lot for their Zone.
Vigo always wants a light hearted pose. Oh, we do have fun.
On to the Leon Zone and what is Elder Castellon doing? Yes, bobbing for apples. Actually this was Elder Southwick's idea as a joke, but a few Elders had to try it. Elder Castellon wasn't successful but....
Elder Gerber was. He got it on the first try. The rest of us gladly just took our apples. We always bring a piece of fruit for the morning break. Want to try to keep these missionaries healthy.
The Ayudantes taught about Double Testifying and developing a passion for contacting. We also practiced contacting and praying for your companion as you contact. It was very effective and I think all the missionaries learned a lot from it. Elder Ashby is leading the missionaries in the hymn "Plancetero nos es trabajar." This is a very moving hymn that is special to all members and missionaries of the church in Spanish speaking countries.
Nothing better than hearing the hymns of Zion sung by these worthy warriors for the Savior!
A great Leon Zone Conference. We went to Gijon this time. We like to mix things up now and again. Elders Garcia and Cairns are the Zone Leaders who taught their focus on retention. It is so important to help new members remain active. Joining the church is a change in a person's life and we can't loose sight of their needs and how we can help them. A great focus for the Leon Zone to work on.
Yes, they had to have a funny picture. Now wait a minute, Elder Pederson, what are you saying to Hna Abellan? Remember, lock your heart!
We had 3 birthdays in Gijon, Elder Gerber, Elder Barber and Hna Roerig. Elder Barber, this was your last Zone Conference, please, "say it isn't so!"
Three good looking Elders! Elder Sanchez and Elder Araya are from the Barcelona area, but Elder Araya is from Chile. Elder Saune is from Barcelona too, but originally from Lima Peru. Very good teachers and very obedient missionaries. We love them!
After Zone Conference we had to do a little impression of "Abbey Road", missionary style!
They were all leaving to catch their buses or walk home. Such happy missionaries. We were in the car, on the way back to the mission home.
Hermana Clegg, here we are again! Oh we love these dear, hardworking missionaries. They are so good!!!
After Sunday in Pamplona, we had a Monday Zone Conference in Vitoria. Nothing better than 4 wonderful sisters. Hnas Sieverts, Bell, Rudder and Huntsman. These girls are great. Also, they are cleaver. Hermana Huntsman got back at Elder Ashby for a funny experience that happened to her on her first bus trip. She smeared her hand with Vaseline and then shook his. Way to go girl!
Elder Moya is striking a pose for the camera. What a dear wonderful missionary who is an inspiration to everyone. He worked hard before his mission and is paying entirely for it himself. He has vision problems and it is an effort for him to see and read, but a kinder heart you will never find. He speaks wonderful English, always improving on it. He told me he isn't very photogenic but I have to disagree, I think he looks handsome!
Time to clean up after zone conference. Elder Ashby is flexing his muscles while Elder Leon is popping into the picture. The 3 Elders of San Sebastian, Elder Howard, Zamora and Webb are helping out. "We are all enlisted."
Elders Hansen, Crocker, Esteves-Garcia and Skidmore look liked they have been frightened by someone? Maybe it is Elder Leon running in on another picture.
Elders Flory and Smith are the Zone Leaders here and this was an incredible Zone Conference. They are using the "Tables de Metas" as other zones used last time. It is a great way for missionaries to stay focused and set their goals. This idea was first used by Elder Hansen on his own and his good works have spread through 3 zones. What a great example you are Elder Hansen! Now, about the changes that are going on?..?...? Stay tuned for the next post because we do have an announcement to make and the first ones to hear about it was the Vitoria Zone.


  1. Hermana Clegg! I just found this blog and have enjoyed scrolling through pictures of the beautiful Spain Bilbao Mission! I served from Jan 2004-July 2005 under President Claudio Zivic. I miss the mission on a daily basis and will always cherish my time in Spain. I served In Las Arenas, Logrono, Vigo, A Coruna and Vitoria. Thank you for this blog and for giving us "old timers" a chance to check up on our the members and people we love.

    Allison (Platt) Lacey

  2. You are such a tease! So curious to hear about the changes for the mission! How long will you keep us waiting until the next post? We wait with baited breath!
    Nothing is ever constant except change!