Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great People in the Leon District

On Sunday, February 7Th, the entire country of Spain and Portugal received a special broadcast from Salt Lake City. It was a wonderful event that all were excited about. The Leon District gathered in Gijon for the day. I couldn't resist this little guy. The families come for the entire day. We had 3 meetings in a row that day, so you can say we were spiritually feed.
Oh I didn't tell you, his twin brother was asleep behind him. The young mothers pack their children, many bringing their strollers in to use as beds during the day. It is a long day, but everyone enjoys seeing each other.
We had a Priesthood and a Relief Society meeting first. Afterwards a joint adult session. Then we had an hour break for lunch before the broadcast. It was amazing how every branch took a room or two and set up their food and ate. Lot's of sharing around. Definitely enough food for everyone.
These wonderful members are willing to share. Just grab a plate and dig in. The food was great and the company even better.
These wonderful people from Oviedo are there to partake of this special day! We love all of them and just felt so much love in the capilla that day.
Elder Cairns is one of our Zone Leaders in Leon. He sure looks great. Elder Cairns is from Scotland and sometimes we all have to ask him to use his "American" accent so we can understand him. He is a wonderful missionary that is devoted to his Savior and serves as a great example to all of us.
Elders Castellon and Pederson are sharing food with the saints of Leon and Benevente. Looks like they are getting plenty.
In another room are members from Leon. They traveled about 2 hours by bus to get to Gijon. It does make for a long day, but it is also very special.
More wonderful Leon members. They are very dedicated. We love seeing their smiles and just being together.
Yea for the Gijon members and some of Ponferrada. They are always here with a smile for all of us. Marisa, who is in front has a big reason to smile. She is engaged to be married the 1st part of July in the Madrid Temple. We are all very excited for her. Rosa, on the left, went with her to try on wedding dresses just a few days ago. Fun stuff.
Looks like Henry Poulton has made himself to the District Conference along with the missionaries. He has found a piso and is integrating well with the members and the missionaries. Elders Garcia, Cairns and Pederson all look happy and full after lunch. Time for the broadcast.
Everyone is reassembling back into the capilla. It is fun to see the whole capilla opened filled with saints in "Zion."
The screen is down and we are getting ready for the broadcast. Elder Russell M. Nelson from the 12 apostles spoke to us as well as Elders Johnson and Packer from the Seventy and Sister Liffeth from the General Primary Presidency. It was a great meeting on families and general advice to live the gospel.
We had a change in the District Relief Society Presidency. Rosa Sanchez, on the left became the new District Relief Society President replacing Ana Martinez.
A new District Primary Presidency as well.
Two great Warriors in the field that are fast approaching the end of their missions. Elder Barber is going home in about 3 weeks and Elder Rowley on the left is following him the next transfer. There are so many words to describe these two; hard-working, humble, valiant, sincere, pure and incredible for a few. They will be missed.
Elder Rowley with some of the members!
Elder Southwick on the left and Elder Gerber on the right are wondering which mission they will end up in. They came in together last spring. Actually, they are two of the 4 missionaries that we first met in the MTC in Provo. We will always claim them as our first missionaries.
We got the Presidente in for a picture along with Elder Sanchez. Elder Sanchez and Elder Gerber are such hard working Elders in Ponferrada. They will have 4 baptisms during their two transfers together there. They work so hard and their efforts are evident. Elder Southwick is in Aviles with Elder Barber. They currently have two baptismal dates set and have been working so hard with Presidente Villa to re-activate members. They are finding success there and the Aviles branch is growing again.
These young women are from Benevente. The two on the left are sisters who are going to be baptized in two weeks. They are so excited and so are the members in Benevente.
Elder Alvarez and Castellon have been great friends and must now say good-bye. Elder Alvarez is going home in just a few weeks. He has worked so diligently in Benevente with Elder Pederson. They are having 3 baptisms in Benevente during his last week in the mission. It doesn't get any better than that! Elder Castellon has also done a marvelous job in Oviedo. He has had two baptisms there and another one for this next week. He will be with us until the end of June. Elder Southwick wanted to peak in to get in the picture. That's o.k., we always love to see his smiling face. Everyone likes to be on the blog.
At the end of a wonderful day the members from Ponferrada, Leon and Benevente climb on the bus to return home. What valiant, dedicated members we have here in Northern Spain. The numbers are few, but the quality is superb. They go home strengthened and with a resolve to be better and do all that they can to build the Lord's kingdom on the earth.


  1. Many of us take for granted how easy it is to get to meetings, broadcasts, and trips to the temple. Hooray to these dedicated saints who give up so much and travel so far to be a member in the body of Christ!

  2. Great to see Henry back at missionary work. He's a great person and friend. I didn't know he was going to Spain for school and to be a missionary again. ;))) Always a missionary!

  3. Any word on the progress of the Temple announced for France? For folks in the mission, it might be easier to go their than Madrid.

    But many friendships were formed travelling to the Swiss Temple by the faithful Saints in the mission before the Temple in Madrid opened too.

    Thank goodness for the internet which can tie so many of us (members, former members, missionaries, former missionaries) together.

    I know this comment will be deleted... but it is so neat how we are all tied in. My family in Pamplona, my home teacher in Ogden was alerted that I was in the ICU thanks to a real Saint in the mission.