Monday, February 22, 2010

Pontevedra Baptisms

It was a beautiful day as we came into Galicia. This is a picture taken from the car as we were entering Vigo. We dropped off the ayudantes to do their exchange with the Zone Leaders in Vigo then we drove to Pontevedra.
We arrived in time to be at the baptisms of Ben Koffi pictured here and Erika Sineiro, the daughter of the Branch President. Elder Frank and Elder Aston are our two hard working Elders in Pontevedra. It is a wonderful branch that we always love to visit. We wish we were closer to be able to come more often, as it is it takes 7 hours to get there, but the drive is worth it, especially when we get to be part of a baptism.
Pictured here is Erika with her brother and mother. She was baptized by her father and her brother bore his testimony. They are a wonderful family and what a sweet spirit attended the baptism.
Little Sophia is the youngest sister in the Pereiras family. She loves to lead the singing and goes up in front of the branch and will hold the hymn book and try to lead everyone. She is adorable. We love little children, they are what the Savior wants us to be more like.
These are Sophia's two older sisters, Camille and Candela. Their entire family lived in Utah for a few years and both of these beautiful girls speak wonderful English. I feel like they could be my daughters and would love to take them home with me. It's friendships that we make when we are serving in the church throughout the world that are always so dear and will be hard to leave. We left Sunday after the Branch Conference where we enjoyed a wonderful spirit with the faithful saints in Pontevedra.


  1. Aww we loved having you guys here, it's always great to be able to talk you and have those deep conversations that make me think about my future haha :) I feel blessed to be in Pontevedra, it definitely shows you how important the church is in a person's life. Hope to see you again soon!
    here's my email by the way: :) Besos!