Sunday, February 14, 2010

When the President's Away

Presidente Clegg left for two days to go to Germany for the mid-year conference of Mission Presidents. The wives were not invited to this conference, so I stayed home. I have a dear friend, Hna Ofelia from Santander who has been the best member missionary. She has a friend that she introduced to the missionaries to teach and she wanted me to meet her. Since I was alone Friday, I decided to go up to Santander. We participated in a wonderful lesson taught by Elders Griotti and Farnsworth. Afterwards she invited me to come with the Ward Leaders to dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. Why not!! It was a wonderful night. Ofelia is the one with the grey hair about half way down the table. I am sitting across from her son Sergio who's wife Rosa was tired and so she didn't come. It is fun to just socialize once in a while with the wonderful saints in Spain. Santander has incredible members.
The next day I had 5 office Elders, a little down because it was rainy and cold in Bilbao and they didn't know what to do for their p-day. They asked me what I was doing. I said what any good woman would say, "I'm go shopping, want to come?"
They decided it was o.k. to go to the mall with "mom." Hmn, 50% off on everything in this store! It is rebajas time, that means sales!
No Elder Hansen, that is not a missionary approved shirt. Yes, this was really in the men's department. And no, Elder Hansen didn't buy it.
Elders seem to loose all their fashion sense. Elder Ashby, this isn't cool. Maybe next year!
Elder Anderson, you aren't looking at jewelry? Actually, this was a bunch of guitar picks. But without a guitar, they aren't very useful.
It didn't take too long for 5 Elders to become bored. So what does a mom do with this group?
We went bowling! This mall had a huge bowling lane, so game on. It was Elders Ashby, Holmes and me against Elders Dredge, Hansen and Anderson. It wasn't a serious competition, but it was fun.
They better not be laughing at my gutter balls! Actually, I didn't make too many. Elders Holmes and Ashby were quite the bowlers. The others seemed a little rusty, but we were having a great time.
Now just so you don't think I am kidding, here are the scores of the team on the right. Elders Hansen, Anderson and Dredge. Not too bad for 3 rusty Elders. But alas, they were not the winners.
Yes, here are the scores of Elders Holmes, Ashby and Hna Clegg!!! I had 3 strikes in a row while Elder Ashby had 4 in a row. We did play two games and in the first game Elder Holmes bowled 197. That is some serious stuff. I just thought it should be known that even though I don't throw it hard, I throw it straight! We returned home after a fun day, and the Elders all went out to work that night. I went home and picked up my sweetie at the airport. He was so inspired after two days in Germany. Look out mission, more great work ahead!


  1. You are to good to them Mom! I hope your other missionaries don't see this blog, they would be jealous. 3 strikes in a row, I will have you bowl for me in turkey trot 2012!

  2. Sister Clegg, are you the most fun mission mom in the whole world wide church? Yes!!! You all looked like you were "having a ball"!! :)
    I think Sister Clegg looks more like a sister to the missionaries than their Mission Mom, especially with those bowling scores. Glad you were all having a fun, lighthearted day.