Monday, February 8, 2010

Visitors Abound in Bilbao

We were so happy to have a short visit with Henry Poulton. Henry is from our home ward in Bountiful. We remember Henry as a very little boy. His wonderful mother, Jane, was a counselor in my Relief Society Presidency back in Bountiful. Henry was a wonderful missionary in Concepcion, Chile and is now in Spain to study for 4 months. He will be attending the University of Oviedo which is in our mission. He also brought along his friend who was a missionary in the same mission.
His name is Andrew Titensor. He is from Orem, Utah. We enjoyed having them in the mission home for a few days.
We didn't waste anytime with them. We took them down to the office where both of them were going to go out and do splits with the ayudantes. They were fantastic. The Elders planned the whole night and I think all of them had a great time. Henry and Andrew loved being missionaries again and we enjoyed the spirit they brought to the mission.
A few days later we had another visitor. This is Bro Wirthlin from Germany. He is Director for Temporal Affairs in the Europe Area. He was here to look at chapels and where we could improve in this area of the church and also to talk to us about our move coming in July. He was so wonderful to be with. He is Elder Wirthlin's son and he shared some wonderful stories about his father. Elder Wirthlin was definitely a favorite of mine. I loved to teach lessons from Elder Wirthlin's talks as they were so well outlined and just the greatest of talks.
We took Brother Wirthlin to the Bilbao Capilla where we were met by the Zone Leaders Elders Hanson and Woods. Elder Woods caught me trying to sneak a photo.
We decided to take a picture in front of the Bilbao Capilla. We had to run because we were picking up Elder Causse who was coming in to go with Bro. Wirthlin to look at church sites around the Vitoria Stake. Afterwards they both came back to the mission home where we enjoyed a late dinner and talked about our consolidation of missions and our new assignment to Malaga.
The next morning Elder Causse and Bro. Wirthlin left very early to get back to Germany. The church is so efficient, just look at the letter I am holding. We found out just over a week ago about the change of our assignment and on Friday, February 4th, we received the official letter signed by the 1st Presidency about our change. The incredible thing about this is one year ago to the day was the day we received our assignment to the Spain Bilbao Mission. This is truly a bitter-sweet time. We love it here in the North, and the people and the missionaries are awesome and wonderful, but we are sure we will meet many more wonderful people and missionaries in Malaga.


  1. It would be so lovely if San Sebastian was included in the chapel tour. We are just a teeny weeny bit cramped for space at times.
    It is sad that the Bilbao Mission is going to be closed, it'll seem strange belonging to Barcelona, but I hope that you enjoy your stay in the Malaga Mission, it truly is a wonderful part of Spain but can be rather hot in summer.

  2. Thank you for continuing to share all the changes in this consolidation. It is fascinating to watch how the church operates and looks ahead and sees things we cannot see. Keeping the focus for here and now for the missionaries and the church members is key for this great work. "Bloom where you are planted...until you are transplanted!" :)

  3. I served in the Bilbao mission in 2002-2004. I was Hermana Pritchett at the time. I long for Spain and truly miss being there with the people. I served in Las Arenas, Oviedo, Leon, Pamplona, and Vigo. Is Begonia still in Las Arenas? We taught her when I was there (my first area) and she got baptized as I was leaving. I still can't really swallow the fact that the mission is being closed. It makes me so sad, but then I guess I should be happy for the growth. Thank you for keeping us all posted in your blog.