Monday, January 25, 2010

Consejo for All

There is so much that goes into training new staff in the office. It is a time of a lot of counsel and advice that must be passed on. Elder Anderson is starting the task of bringing Elder Holmes up to speed on so many financial details of a mission office.
At the same time, Elder Hansen, who is now comfortable in his duties can give and receive counsel from the Presidente. They need to always be in good communication on all matters of scheduling, residency and transfers. Elder Hansen has a very matter of fact style and is a very organized missionary, a real necessity for the office.
Now comes the real difficult counsel, do we like Elder Dredge's haircut or should we counsel him otherwise? We are all gathered in the kitchen at the first of Zone Leader Counsel where we enjoy the homemade cinnamon rolls of Hna Belnap before we partake of the spiritual counsel and planning that goes on once every 6 weeks.
These young men have a responsibility for all the Elders and Hermanas of their Zone and this is the time where they can give and receive counsel.
We had a great morning filled with great thoughts and counsel. Just so you don't think that all we do is eat. But pulled pork sandwiches are on the menu today. We made it like a picnic including the checked tablecloths. I don't think any of the Elders really put that together, but it is fun for me to mix it up a bit. All the Elders on the left side of the table came to the mission together, quite a great group of missionaries.
This side has a few new Elders in the mix. Elder Nelson 2nd Elder down and Elder Hanson, 5th Elder down are new to the counsel this time. Welcome!
After lunch we all gathered our scriptures for words on Spirituality. The Presidente taught us a a lot and gave us many things to think about.
A very good looking group. Back Row, l. to r. Elders Smith, Anderson, Cairns, Nielsen, Flory, Garcia, Nelson, Hanson and Woods. Front row is l. to r. Elders Hansen, Ashby, me, Presidente, Elders Dredge and Holmes. We all went away uplifted and excited for what lies ahead this transfer.

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  1. Love pulled pork sandwiches and love the picnic in January theme. Too bad there weren't Hermanas there to appreciate the checked picnic tablecloths! Those will be fun to use again and again.
    I missed the "T.T." blog post last week. I know Elder Moore felt like he was home when returning even for a short time to the mission home. All the missionaries feel right at "home", loved, and cared for when they are with Pres. and Sister Clegg.