Monday, January 18, 2010

Visiting Vigo for Lunch!

This past weekend we spent a wonderful day in Vigo. The District President, Presidente Hernandez who is pictured here with Presidente Clegg were changing the Branch President. Currently it was Presidente Duke who did a wonderful job. Now the calling has come to Presidente Fraguas. He was a member of the District Presidency before. A very special day in Vigo.
Here I am with Irene Martinez. We spent a lot of time talking and getting aquainted. She has a sister who is married and lives in the United States. What a dear, wonderful member in Vigo.
Here we see Hna Abellan with from l. to r. Vilma, Jessica and Vimar. They are sad to see Hna Abellan leave. She is leaving for Gijon but has loved her time in Vigo and we know that the members love her too.
Here we have Vilma again with Hna Barbosa. More love being shown in Vigo.
Here we have Jose Maria Palacios and his darling family. Lots of children in the Vigo branch.
The new Branch President is Presidente Fraguas. His wife is pictured here with one of their 3 children along with Loli and another faithful Hermana.
This is the Avila family. Hermano Avila is in the Branch Presidency and his cute wife Helen is the Relief Society President. They have two children and the other two darling girls are members of the huge Primary of Vigo.
Elder Cairns and Elder Nielsen are pictured with Arturo and Alex who were just baptized this week. Elder Cairns was also leaving Vigo to go to Leon. It was a big day with two missionaries leaving and a Branch Presidency change.
Alison on the left with her sister Monica are giving their love to Hna Abellan.
A visit to Vigo wouldn't be complete without seeing some of the Bamio family. Hno Bamio is the fantastic branch mission leader and his cute daughter Tairi speaks perfect english. Hna Patten is also sad to see Hna Abellan leave. They have been a perfect companionship together.
After church we were invited to the Elders piso for lunch. Hna Patten isn't sure about this. What are they going to feed us?
Elder Quinn, with his apron on is presenting the main course. Elder Nielsen and Cairns are ready to eat. Elder Quinn also made my homemade french soup and it was delicious. After a wonderful meal we had to push off to get home to Mungia. What a wonderful day in Vigo.

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