Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do We Have to Say Good-bye?

This week we didn't receive any new missionaries but we were saying good-bye to two wonderful missionaries. Hna Macquieira is sharing some of her food with Elder Ashby. Looks like he won't share with Elder Dredge. She has been such a sweet, dear, wonderful missionary. A great example to all of us and everyone is going to miss her. She lives in the Barcelona area but her nationality is Uruguayan.
Elder Corbridge is giving Hna Maquieira a "legal?" missionary hug. Hey wait a minute, why is Elder Corbridge in the office? Isn't he the Zone Leader in Leon? Something must be going on? Hna Maquieira and Elder Corbridge served in Vitoria and Bilbao at the same time. Half of her mission was spent in the same cities as Elder Corbridge. They are dear friends.
After the exit interviews we always go up to a vista point in Bilbao. This is a great place to see all the city. Elder Fowers never served here so this was his first time seeing the city. I think he is saying "wow" as we are taking this picture on a very windy day.
The playground is super up there and of course the Ayudantes have to get into the act! Don't fall off anyone of you or I will have to call Elder "Dr." Dye!
We had a sweet, personal dinner and testimony meeting. The departing dinner is always a little surreal for the leaving missionaries.
The Ayudantes come to take Elder Fowers back to their piso to spend the night. Wait, Elder Moore isn't an ayudante anymore, what is he doing here? Hmm?, we have got some Elders traveling around, this isn't suppose to be happening is it?
The next morning, bright and early we are sending them off. A day that comes after 2 years or 18 months of service to the Lord and his people. Life is a journey and it is such an honor to send these missionaries home to start their new journey for the rest of their lives. Tears are the tears of satisfaction of a job well done mixed with a little fear of what is ahead. We are sure these two will do just great! Until we see you again, much love from all of us in the Spain Bilbao Mission.
After leaving them at the airport these 3 Elders showed up at our door wanting breakfast. We decided to do a Secretary orientation. You are seeing a new face in the office. On the left is Elder Holmes from Littleton, Colorado. He will be replacing Elder (Inspector Cluso)Anderson. Elder Anderson found this coat in the piso which was left by another Elder. Parents, don't buy your son's this type of coat, they don't wear them. Anyway, Elder Holmes is a great elder who knows and understands how to use mac computers. I am SO excited as I am the only mac user here and he is going to be helping me a lot. (that isn't why he is here, but I hope to benefit from his presence.) The 3 of these Elders are great and we had a nice breakfast of crepes along with a nice little orientation and welcome to the office. The secretaries provide such a needed and wonderful service to the mission. We couldn't function without them. They are examples to the rest of the mission in their work and attitudes. They also have 3 baptismal fechas set for next month. They are proselyting missionaries first and office elders second.

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