Monday, January 18, 2010

Farewell Again

It is the last Saturday in the transfer cycle and this time we are saying good-bye to Elder Strickland. Elder Strickland was the first Elder called into the office by Presidente. He has done a fantastic job. His request for breakfast was "french toast." Here all 3 of the secretaries are ready to dig in.
We all enjoyed a hearty breakfast including bacon with eggs and a fresh fruit salad and juice. There were no leftovers!
Hermana Belnap is right in there to help with the clean up. Elder Anderson and Strickland are right there to help her as well. This brings me to the point to introduce you to our new team.
Fearsome looking Elder Anderson is one of the 5 members of "Operation White Glove." The Belnaps along with one or more of the secretaries are going to be touring the mission to check on every piso. Each Monday they will be in a different location. The Elders and Hermanas are being asked the week before to deep clean and throw out the junk that is lying around in the pisos. When the Belnaps show up to inspect them, they will help them with any additional work or repair. After they are finished with everyone they are going to award one piso of Elders and one piso of Hermanas the "Cleanest Piso Award." This should be great. We want our pisos to be pisos of order!
Looks like Elder Hansen is already checking on the Mission Home. I hope we pass!
All the Elders gathered around the Presidente in his den where he shared a few stories from some of his favorite books. It is always great to talk about people in the gospel and learn from their lives.
Elder Anderson discovered my violin and now he is hooked. I just don't know if I can listen to his squeaky sounds. This might be an after mission project!
Elder Dredge and Elder Anderson are sporting matching t-shirts. I think they got them cheap at the Eroski Center when they bought a certain amount of food. They look good, but I don't think anyone is going to think Elder Dredge is Elder Anderson's twin brother. Besides, his twin brother is in the Philippines on a mission right now. We had a great morning, then all left to finish their p-day activities and get ready for another day of missionary work.

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  1. Love the clean-glove tour! Great idea to get the Belnaps going out and inspecting and fixing where needed. There's nothing like having company to get things in order. Makes me think of D&C 88:119!