Friday, January 8, 2010

The 2nd half of Entrevistas

It looks like happy Elders and Hermanas in Vitoria. Elders Aston and Flory are excited for the interviews today while of course, the Hermanas are listening intently. Hnas Miskin and Sieverts are working so hard in Vitoria. We love their example to all of the other missionaries.
Elders Ashby and Dredge are leading the discussion while Elder Smith seems to like what is said. The principles of faith and obedience were taught and are essential in great missionaries.
A good-bye hug is always shared amongst the missionaries. Their love for each other is always visible. Elder Flory is a wonderful Zone Leader who is loved by all the missionaries.
The next day we found ourselves in Gijon. We were treated to a wonderful Spanish Paella with shrimp and muscles made by Elders Moore and Araya. Wow, what fancy cooks we have here! This time the Hermanas get to enjoy the medio-dia without having to do the cooking. Hermana Bell and Hermana Roerig seem to think this was a great idea. Notice this piso equipped with a beautiful chandelier.
Just had to show you a picture of the results of Elders doing the cooking. Yea mom, these two Elders know how to cook.
For desert the Hermanas brought us a Roscon de Reyes! This is in celebration of the wise men bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. It is celebrated on January 6Th. This desert has a figurine of a wise man hidden inside and whomever gets the piece with the wise man has the chance to wear the crown! Tradition has it that the young children put their shoes out to receive gifts from the 3 Kings. Wow, another holiday after Christmas and New Years. Elder Ashby thinks it is a great idea to get more gifts! (Just kidding)
Hey, look who received the King! Hermana Roerig was hoping for it, but well, what can I say. It is fun to see who is the lucky one. This is a fun tradition.
The last stop on the interview cycle of this round was in Aviles. Elders Barber and Southwick are doing great there. They had just set a baptismal date with an investigator! Yea for them. They decided they need to contemplate the importance of being a great missionary! Mmmm, let's see, obedience, exactness and faith are good for starters. These were the essentials of what was taught in Zone Conference and reviewed in the interview sessions. We want to be like the small army of Hellman's Stripling Warriors. We may be a small group here in Northern Spain, but with faith, obedience and exactness in our work, we can accomplish the work of the Lord.

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  1. I can hardly wait to have some of that Paella made for us in Walnut Creek, California in a few months. They must have cashed in all their food euros for shrimp like that, or are they less expensive in Spain? Yum,Yum!!!!