Wednesday, April 7, 2010

La Semana Santa

This should be an interesting blog for all of you in the United States. La Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is the week before Easter. This is probably the biggest holiday in Spain. All the stores, grocery stores included were closed from Thursday-Monday, with just a few hours open on Saturday morning. Many of the people in the north go south. The biggest area of celebration I have been told is in Sevilla (Seville). We didn't get to see much of it, but catch this little parade as we were leaving the church in Bilbao after watching our General Conference.
There are parades that happen all throughout the week. This was just a small group with some instruments. I know what you are thinking, this looks like the KKK in the United States but it is not. I was told that the people cover their heads because they are not worthy to see Christ. I have seen in a museum some of the "floats" that are carried by men that depict different aspects of the Saviors life. They are beautiful pieces of sculpture, some as old as the 15th century.
This was a small group who were playing a song of sorts, and then they were finished. The people are coming off the street and starting to take their hats off.
In this picture you can see there are even little family members that are a part of the procession. It isn't the best picture, but I wanted to show that all ages of people participate. It was very interesting to see. Any clarification or explanation about this tradition would be welcomed.
And even though this isn't related, it happened the same day. Jenny, a member in Bilbao gave Presidente this soccer jersey from Bolivia. Her grandmother was in the same branch that Presidente served in when he was first a missionary in Bolivia. Now that one branch is a Stake. This was a sweet gesture and delighted El Presidente! Muchisimas Gracias!

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