Thursday, April 29, 2010

There's Always Time for Zone Conference

Zone Conference got started in real style in Vitoria. We combined the Bilbao and Vitoria Zones for this conference and it turned out wonderful. The entire Bilbao Zone treated us to a musical number. It was great as usual!
Hermana Johns is with her new "greenie" Hermana Gonzalez. She is a wonderful missionary and we are so excited to have her with us. She is originally from Bolivia and I am convinced that the sweetest people seem to come from Bolivia lately. Hermana Johns thinks so too.
Elder Zamora, on the left is also from Bolivia. He has been in the mission since November, but he is welcoming another new missionary, Elder Bajana. He is originally from Ecuador and comes to us ready to work. He was trained at first by Elder Ashby and is now working with Elder Sayaz.
I wanted to honor all our wonderful Hermanas in this post. They work as hard as the Elders and we wish we could put them in some of the leadership positions because they are great teachers. We actually have had an Hermana companioship in the last two Zone Conferences present a small lesson. It has been greatly enjoyed and all the Hermanas have done a super job.
Here is a picture of the two Zones together. Elders Roldan and Gerber are leading the Bilbao Zone while Elder Nestvogel and McClanahan are doing a fine job as the Vitoria Zone Leaders. We had a great day and were greatly inspired. Planning was the theme of the conference which is a topic we can always work on being better at.
Elder McClanahan is sending us off with peace as we leave Vitoria to travel to Leon.
These 3 great Hermanas of the Leon Zone are Hna Roerig sporting her new short hair, Hna Abellan and another new missionary, Hna Marin. These 3 Hermanas taught and also did a beautiful special number. They love being a trio and are working extra hard in Gijon.
We have another trio in the mission and this time it is up to Elder Driggs, in the middle to keep a handle on his companions Elder Flory and Nielsen. It was a wonderful surprise for Elder Flory and Nielsen to come together for their last two transfers. They are both from Wallsburg, Utah and have been friends for life, but now they are companions in Ponferrada. Look out Ponferrada, this is truly a dynamic trio!!
Caught the Hermanas cleaning up in the kitchen. They are the best.
I am not sure if these 3 are solving a mystery or posing for GQ magazine? Elder Farnsworth, Cairns and Ciccio are good at striking a pose don't you think?
Oh Elder Smith, we are going to miss your great grin. This is his last transfer in the mission. Elder Dredge is trying to help him through this.
A great looking Zone lead by Elders Cairns and Pederson. Leon Zone has been leading the mission for months. They are hard working and faithful, just the way we like our missionaries to be.
Elders Jackson and Southwick I caught you both with my phone!! They just wanted to call Elder Gerber and say hi since he was no longer in their Zone. Now Elders!!
A wave good-bye from Elder Pederson and Cairns and we are on our way to Santiago for the Vigo Zone Conference.
I caught you Elder Esteves-Garcia. Yea, you and Elder Frank look like you stole all the candy and Elder Blazian and Howard are left out in the cold! Now Elders we need to share.
An unusually serious side of Elder Frank as he is showing something to his greenie and our newest missionary, Elder Pyne. He is from Tustin, California and we are thrilled to have him here.
The Hermanas in the Santiago Zone are doing great. Hna Sieverts and Moraza are handling A Coruna while Hna Fitches and Huntsman are enjoying the hills of Vigo. Again, great sisters who are always willing to do what they are asked to do and then some.
Watching missionaries take pictures of themselves is always fun.
A great looking group in the Vigo Zone. We love their enthusiasm and willingness to move the work forward. Elders Nelson and Aston are doing a great job as the Zone Leaders here.
And then it is time to pack up the tables, put back the chairs, and go back to work. We drive home the long 7 hours yet our hearts are full and rewarded by the wonderful spirit felt in each Zone Conference. Sadness also enters in as we realize we have only one more Zone Conference in the Spain Bilbao Mission. Wow!

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