Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Arrival of One!

We have been so excited to get new missionaries and in this group we were originally receiving 4, but visa problems pushed 3 of them back a transfer. But 1 or 20, it doesn't matter, we are always excited to receive a new missionary.
Elder Pyne arrived early Tuesday morning and we knew instantly he was going to be "golden." He is coming to us from Tustin, California and with some incredible Spanish skills it was evident he was ready to go to work.
Always have to have a picture or two with your Presidente!
And after orientation, it was lunch time. Hey, wait a minute, I spy Hermana Roerig at this table. She is suppose to be serving in Gijon. Well, we will fill you in on another blog about why she is here, but trust me, we are enjoying having an Hermana around for a few days.
The day was perfect to go to the vista! Wow, Bilbao is an incredible city and it is always an incredible moment to realize that "the time of your mission is now."
Hermana Roerig was with us so we could get a picture with the Ayudantes for a change.
Elders Hansen and Holmes are doing their thing. They are always very organized and try to help Elder Pyne with all the details of being a missionary. A missionary needs to have his money to be able to eat!
But it doesn't matter what any of us do, the time to find out where you are serving is always the highlight of the day. The Ayudantes do a great job in building up the suspense.
Wow, Pontevedra with Elder Frank! He is excited and even though he has a twelve hour train ride tomorrow, he knows where he is going and ready to do be a "real" missionary. Elder Pyne spent the rest of the afternoon doing contacts with Elder Dredge and Elder Woods; then spent the night with the Bilbao Zone Leaders. Early Wednesday morning he climbed on the party train to go to Pontevedra. Buena Suerte!

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  1. Yay! Elder Frank and Pyne came over for dinner today! Seriously incredible spanish skills!! I was impressed! He's going to be an amazing elder I'm sure. Let's keep Pontevedra growing!! :)