Saturday, April 10, 2010

Departing Again

Elder Dredge, what is that in your hand? It is early Saturday morning and what could be going on at the mission home?
Ah, it is clean the cars day! Actually, we are having a departing breakfast as usual on the 6th Saturday but today's breakfast doesn't come until the cars are clean! Elder Hansen and Elder Dredge are working hard on the the car used by the office elders.
Elders Woods and Holmes are working hard on the big van. We have 10 missionaries leaving this next week so we need all the cars.
Elder Corbridge and Elder Moore have been busy doing their wash and catching up. They just returned from 3 months of going around the entire mission. It was a wonderful success and all the missionaries learned and grew from the experience. The hardest thing will be to say good-bye to them and 8 other missionaries. But we are sure their families are getting excited. Especially Elder Corbridge's family as he extended for a transfer.
Presidente is flexing his muscles and ready to eat after an early morning of work. Elder Dredge is saying, "I am starved" and Elder Hansen is just showing us his ever present smile.
Ready for what seems to be the staple of the breakfast, breakfast burritos. Hna. and Elder Belnap are always there to chip in and help. We had a great morning with a good breakfast and clean cars!
Later that day the Presidente and I went to Oviedo for church the next day. These last few pictures are just some shots out of the window of the hotel as the sun is setting. Oviedo is a special town. They have been seeing many miracles as the branch is growing fast. They are looking for a new capilla. We are excited for them.
The sun is setting on another beautiful day in Spain. We love it here in the north and are starting to feel a little nostalgic as we will be leaving in less than 3 months. Oh my how time goes so quickly!

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