Monday, May 3, 2010

A Visit From the Youngest Cleggs

Reunions are the best and this one didn't disappoint. After 10 months in the field we were excited to have another one of our children come to visit. This time it was our youngest son Zach and his wife Lauren.
Here the two of them are pictured in one of our favorite spots, the boardwalk of San Sebastian. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the promenade and to walk around the city.
They also enjoyed the outdoor exercise equipment in Las Arenas. Zach is currently a Senior in the accounting program at BYU and Lauren graduated two years ago in Business and is working for a charitable organization. They are fun to be with.
We had to take them to the Guggenheim where we visited with a Basque man. He likes to stroll as we do.
We enjoyed a walk about Old Town and had an gelato. It was unseasonable warm with temperatures in the 80's. It was great.
We took a little break while we were crossing the Plaza Moyua in Bilbao. We walked from the Guggenheim, to Old Town, to El Corte Ingles, (Nordstrom's of Spain) and were now on our way to our car to go along the coast and find "Capilla on the Rocks"
About one hour up the coast from Las Arenas is this fabulous church originally built back in the 1400's. The one you see here was built in the 1800's, yet still a site to see. As you find the walled stairs it is hard to appreciate the steepness and distance. We took this picture across a path that we descended and then climbed up. It was a beautiful day to enjoy this incredibly beautiful location.
The views from the top were equally breathtaking. We walked around and just took in the beauty.
You can see behind us some of the trail that we came from. We definitely got our exercise today.
The next day we drove about 1/2 hour out of Bilbao to a small city called Balmeseda. It was a charming town with two guards standing at the gate. Hey, wait a minute, I need a closer look.
Is that Sir Zachary guarding the entrance?
His royal Presidente looks stately in his armor of the day. What a fun picture spot and we didn't let it pass us by.
This is a very old bridge that is in the town. It was constructed in the early 1400's. It is still used as a footbridge today.
Zach and Lauren strike a pose for us. This was their last day with us as they flew out in the afternoon for one day in Barcelona, then on to Prague! Zach served his mission there and was so excited to return. He has been home 3 years but his Czech is still quite good and he was anxious to see members there and to speak it again.
We said good-bye to Balmeseda and before Zach and Lauren flew out, we ate a great lunch at the chinese buffet in Bilbao. The stay was short but fun. We have now had 4 of our 5 children visit us here. Our other son Garrett and his wife are planning to come this next November, but that will have to be to the south. Our next visit from home will be our oldest daughter Hillary and her two sons and our oldest granddaughter, Ellie. We can't wait to see them.

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  1. How exciting for you to have Zach and Lauren visit. What a darling couple and doing so great in their lives.
    Happy Mother's Day to one fantastic Mom to so many missionaries. Thanks for all the love, care and concern you share with all your adopted children. We Love You!