Monday, May 31, 2010

Some Must Leave

It's lunch time at the office and we seem to have a few extra people there to partake! Yes, it is the day of the departing which comes with mixed emotions. This is a group with a lot of variety. We have Elder Plaskett who is new and being trained by Elder Woods and then the 3 departing, Elders Smith, Sayaz and Nestvogel. Actually Elder Hansen who is in the office was supposed to go home with this group but he was extended to help with the dividing of the mission. It was a day a little different for him to see his group go home, but his turn will be in a short 4 weeks. They all look ready to eat, so dig in Elders!
Here are our 3 departing. Elder Smith is going home to Utah, Elder Nestvogel is going home to Germany and Elder Sayaz is going home to Barcelona. It is amazing to think of the different lives they all had before and now they share an incredible journey that they all loved. These were wonderful missionaries who were great leaders and great workers.
"Please come home with me Elder Hansen" Elder Smith seems to be saying. Elder Hansen is giving him some comfort, or is it the other way around. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Bilbao. We enjoyed ourselves at the lookout.
Here they are again, just soaking it in. None of them had ever been up here, even Elder Smith who served in Bilbao for 5 transfers, so they were having a great time.
Emotions run high on this day. Elder Nestvogel is the one to comfort Elder Smith now. He just doesn't want to fly home by himself. You are just going to have to do it Elder Smith!
A group shot that is one of our best. Wow what a beautiful city Bilbao is! Oh yes, and so are the Elders!!
O.K. Elder Hansen, it just isn't your style! I think Elder Holmes agrees with me!
We decided to do a pose on the playground. Watch out Elder Smith, don't fall.
They all sat around and chilled with the Presidente before dinner.
Our testimony meeting was very special. We had a wonderful testimony meeting with these three Elders. It was a very special night filled with a few surprises! We said good-bye at the airport in the morning, again a little sad to see them leave. They all served so valiantly and were such incredible workers.

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