Monday, May 10, 2010

The Last Round of Interviews, Part 2

Hello from Pamplona. This week of interviews we went out to different places and then back to the mission home each day. We found Elder Hansen from UTAH and Elder Ashby from Arizona as happy as can be. They are enjoying Pamplona and the great ward there.
Since we are leaving the mission before many of the missionaries we are having all of them sign a quilt square for a mission quilt. We also have a tablecloth that I call our "Graffiti cloth." It is fun to see the creativity of all of them. It will be fun to look at it over the years to come. We are in the new piso in Pamplona. It is nice and in a very central location in town.
El Presidente is taking a little rest while the missionaries finish up their signing and then it is back home to the mission home.
Another morning it was off to Logrono where we found Elder Crocker from UTAH and Castellon from Elche, Spain. Two happy and hard working missionaries. Since Elder Castellon has arrived they have reactivated 10 young people in the ward. They also have a baptism set for next week. Great work!
We went on to Burgos that day where Elder Dredge and Elder Sayaz got a little creative with the blackboard.
Now Elder Woods had to get in the act.
Finally Elder Bajana, the artist, showed them all how to do it. I think Elder Sayaz's patience was about gone!
Elder Sayaz is from Barcelona but originally Argentina and Elder Bajana is from Madrid but originally from Ecuador are a great companionship in Burgos. We leave them happy and working well together.
A few days later we took off for church obligations in Ferrol but stopped to take a few pictures of a few lighthouses on the northern coast of Spain. This area is called Cabo de Vidio.
The views were lovely. We stopped and had a small picnic here.
The next stop was at Cabo de Estaca de Bares. This lighthouse is on the most northern tip of Spain. All the yellow flowers of spring were out and it was magnificent.
We were wondering if this was going to be the new mission home in Malaga?
No, but it is hard to beat this view. The rocks appear to be whales swimming to shore.
These are the most northern rocks of Spain.
And we are sitting on the last place you can go. We propped out camera on a rock and snapped the picture. We can say we are as far north as we could possible go.
After the wonderful views on the way out we noticed this little town called Porto de Bares. It was a little cold to lay on the beach but I bet on a nice summer day this would be a sweet retreat for peace and quiet.
Oh my, has the dress standard of missionaries changed? Are they bringing back mustaches for missionaries? This is what we walked into in the chapel at Ferrol. Elder Skidmore who is from Idaho and Elder Blazian who is from Northern California were having a little fun. They know how to get a special spot on the blog.
Yes, out front of the church looking dapper are these two. They actually made me a wonderful mother's day card. It is a keeper that I will treasure. You've got to love these missionaries. They are doing great in Ferrol with a baptism set for a few weeks from now.
We drove up and saw our wonderful missionaries in A Coruna. Hna Moraza is from Huercal de Almeria, Spain, Hna Seiverts is from UTAH, Elder Sanchez is from Sabadell, Spain, and Elder Araya is from Tarragona, Spain, but originally from Chile. They are all relatively young missionaries who came out at the same time which hasn't been a year yet. But they are loving A Coruna and doing wonderful work here. We are so proud of them and their great efforts. We raced off to return to the mission home with one more swing to see all the missionaries.

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