Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last Round of Interviews, Part 1

It's May and we are starting our last full round of interviews as the Spain Bilbao Mission. We were getting ready to leave from the office when I realized I don't think I have ever put a picture of our parking garage on the blog. We affectionately call it "the cave." Elder Woods and Dredge are ready to go. Looks like Presidente is too. We have split up the interview schedule a lot this time so this is only part 1 of 3.
On the way out to Gijon we stopped in little coastal town called Cudillo. It was so charming. We didn't have blue skies, but it still was beautiful. The Northern coast of Spain is incredible. We drive through it so much and we will definitely miss seeing the quaintness and beauty that is here.
This old Victorian house was just across from a lovely park. I can just imagine people all dressed up coming out of this house many years ago.
We started with the Oviedo Elders. This is Elder Anderson from Mississippi and Elder Saune from Barcelona, originally from Peru. They have been doing incredible work in Oviedo, so it is "thumbs up" for both of them.
Gijon is filled with Hermanas and Elders who are native Spanish Speakers except Hna Roerig. Elder Leon is from Alicante but originally Ecuador, Hna Abellan is from Barcelona, Hna Roerig is from Oregon, Hna Marin is from Castello and Elder Oscanoa is from Barcelona but originally from Peru. They are a fantastic group who work, and work, and work. The Hermanas had one week more lessons taught than anyone else in the mission. Yea for the Hermanas!!!
Besides their hard work, they also find time to do service. After interviews these 3 beautiful Hermanas are off to serve. Missionaries are so wonderful.
The Aviles Elders came over to Gijon for the interviews. Elder Jackson looks dapper with his umbrella as well as an always happy Elder Southwick. Elder Jackson is from Arizona and Elder Southwick is from UTAH!!! These two came out together a year ago. They love being together and they are doing everything they can to keep Aviles on the rise.
On the way home from Asturias we took a slight detour road to go through some of the Picos de Europa and to see Covadenga. Can you believe this view, wow!
This is the other side of our view. It is incredible here.
We wanted to say Hi from us! We sure love Spain and we are glad we are only moving to a different part, not leaving the country yet.
Hey Elders Dredge and Woods, where are you two going? Don't fall off the cliff!
This is the cathedral at Covadenga. This was a beautiful setting up the end of a canyon. Very secluded and beautiful. As we were arriving a wedding was starting in the cathedral.
As we continued toward home we came upon this bridge over the road. This is truly an incredible country to see.
Another day we drove out to Santander where we found our fearsome foursome working hard. Elder Griotti is from Barcelona, originally Uruguay, Elder Ryser is from UTAH, Hermana Johns is from Idaho and Hermana Gonzales is from Madrid, originally from Bolivia.
I had to put in this picture with the Bilbao Hermanas. They made me heart shaped cheese cake for Mother's Day. They are so dear. We will show the Bilbao missionaries in a later post. But thanks Hermana Patten and Sandoval, you are two sweet and hard working Hermanas. Oh and are they happy because this next week they are moving into a new apartment. Yippee! (no more cockroaches we hope)

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